On the Issues

Restore Law and Order

Mike Dunleavy knows that the first priority of government has to be ensuring public safety. Right now, Alaskans are under siege from violent criminals and property thieves. Bill Walker’s catch and release crime bill is a big part of the problem, because it sent the wrong message to the criminal element in our society. As Senator, Mike Dunleavy voted NO on Bill Walker’s disastrous SB91 crime bill. As Governor, Mike Dunleavy will restore law and order. Criminals will no longer have free run on our streets.

Shrink Government and Balance the Budget

Alaska’s budget problems are primarily due to a bloated state budget. Alaska’s state government spends more money per capita than any other state. As Senator, Mike Dunleavy proposed a balanced budget solution that doesn’t require new taxes or raiding the People’s Permanent Fund Dividend

Grow the Economy and Put Alaskans Back to Work

Alaska’s economy ranks last in the country and Alaska has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Bill Walker’s economic policies have been disastrous on Alaska’s economy. His erratic and hostile behavior towards the private sector has frozen outside investment. His raid on the Permanent Fund Dividend has taken billions out of Alaska’s retail economy and cost Alaska thousands of jobs. Mike Dunleavy knows the best way to solve Alaska’s economic troubles is to grow the pie for everyone. He will attract new investment and hook up Alaska’s huge new oil finds to the Trans Alaska Pipeline. Bill Walker is a wet blanket on business activity, Mike Dunleavy will be a breath of fresh air.

Protect the Permanent Fund by Restoring the People’s Dividend

Mike Dunleavy believes that the Permanent Fund Dividend belongs to the people of Alaska, not the government. As governor, he will restore the public trust and restore the Dividend. A vote for Mike Dunleavy Pays Dividends!