About Mike

Mike Dunleavy came from working-class roots and moved to Alaska in 1983. He lived in rural Alaska for nearly two decades, where he met his wife Rose. Mike and Rose live in the Mat-Su Valley with their three daughters, Maggie, Catherine, and Ceil.

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Mike Dunleavy's family

End the Crime Wave


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On the Issues

Current leadership in Juneau has crippled our economy and caused skyrocketing crime. Mike Dunleavy will fight to restore law and order, shrink government, grow our economy, and protect the people’s Permanent Fund Dividend.

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Bill Wielechowski says “I like Mike!”

Mike Dunleavy: A Governor for All Alaskans

Mike Dunleavy knows how to work on both sides of the aisle to get things done for Alaska. Don’t believe us? Just take it from Democratic State Senator Bill Wielechowski in this 2018 KFQD interview:

“I like Mike! You know, I wish there were more people who supported the Permanent Fund Dividend… We actually found a way to work on issues, we didn’t agree on things, but we agreed on fish, we agreed on the Permanent Fund and a few other issues… Mike’s a friend of mine, I miss him down here to be honest with you.”

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